When You Have Customers You’re Gonna Need It! Enterprise (App) Edition

2. A roles and capabilities rules engine for use by the front and back ends

3. Asynchronous APIs. Request-response is for toys that don’t implement server-side retry. Enforce a 5 second transaction limit at the router layer to discourage cheating. Pick or invent a convention and stick with it!

4. Message lookup for internationalization. For logging, errors, and messages that are sent from the server to the frontend.

5. Data modification audit trail showing who did what when

6. Automated production-identical environment for integration testing of every feature. Yes, every feature. Of course that makes you angry. It’s expensive. So is losing your developers to natural attrition and hiring newbies who will over the long term break every feature unpredictably, regardless of experience level and regardless of your code review process.

Be sure to automation test the audit trail!



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Terris Linenbach

Terris Linenbach

He/him. Coder and gamer since 1980. Lately I’ve been coding in Node and studying the PETAL stack. Always searching for the Best Way.