Surviving the Relentless Global AI Catastrophe

Terris Linenbach
1 min readNov 11, 2023


Workers who achieve AI-awareness will get more done, faster. They will remain employed only when their tenure is demonstrably profitable or via the old-fashioned ways: nepotism and cronyism.

The happy news that a lucky few can retain their 2023 lifestyles for some period of time by learning AI is eclipsed by the following likely outcomes:

  • “Learning AI” won’t be enough as corporations’ inner sanctums discover they can produce the same amount or more with fewer workers who are extremely expensive even when they are relatively underpaid.
  • Who remembers Clinton-era retraining for post-factory jobs? How many ex-factory workers become full-time coders? Not many. Politicians say a lot of things that sound good because they sound good.
  • Substantially fewer entry-level positions will be available for white-collar jobs. A large percentage of youth and the “too young and/or poor to retire” will be permanently unemployed except as human robots.
  • Countries will go (more) broke (than they already are) by paying for basic housing, nutrition, and healthcare, most of which will be scarce.
  • The chasm between the rich and everyone else will justify military rule. Democracy will be a fond memory. Trump should start making sense right about now. Senator Tuberville got the memo. Maybe they jumped the gun or maybe it had a silencer.

How To Stall the Catastrophe’s Impact

  • Learn AI. Apply it to all of your daily work activities. Tell your boss!
  • Eliminate all discretionary spending. Bye, Netflix.
  • Don’t have (more) children.
  • Stocks are probably safe. Buy more.